About Clare

cropped-CKfflip.jpgI’m Clare Kerrison. I’m a kiwi improv (or impro) tutor recently returned home from seven years in the UK.  I do short form, long form and long form narrative improv (do we care about the jargon though?)

While overseas, I developed the Cambridge improv community and taught improv there, co-founded the  Cambridge Improv Factory and mentored or played with various Cambridge and London improv groups. I was a member of London Harold team The Family Business and an original member of performance art improv trio The Dreaming.

In 2015, I helped Gatecrash Theatre start improv in Swindon and played Mo Hunter in Bristol’s long running improvised soap opera, Closer Each Day.

I’ve been to drama school (National Academy of Singing and Dramatic Art, Christchurch, New Zealand) and have a B.Soc.Sci in Psychology (University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand). I’ve studied improv in Keith Johnstone’s Masterclass, Loose Moose Summer School (Calgary), with Shawn Kinley and Patti Stiles, Monkey Toast (London), BATS Improv Long Form intensive (San Francisco), iO and Susan Messing London Intensives and have a UK teaching PTTLS.

I’ve also got my rhythmic gymnastics silver badge in case anyone’s counting… (I freaked out on gold thank you for asking)

I remember being a shy teenager.  I remember being a stressed manager.  I remember being a nervous actor.   I remember being creatively stuck, artistically marginalised and comedically unheard.  When I found the right improv philosophy for me I discovered being fun, positive, responsive, out of my head, playful, and the underlying supportive teamwork that comes with good improv. I welcomed confidence, laughter, joy and inspiration back into my life.

Kick-start your adventures and join me for that very first class. Let us show you how joyful spontaneous theatre and comedy can be.