Improv classes in Wellington

I moved back to Wellington, NZ in 2016. There are a couple of great places you can start (and continue) your improv journey here:

With me – Basejump Improv:

I teach Chicago style long form improv for Basejump Improv.   The next Level One class starts Wed 26 October 2016.  Our performance classes will yield fruit in early 2017 with a regular show.

You can check us out on facebook (website coming soon).

With Me – other places:

Occasionally I’ll get tutor for The Good Ship Improv or WIT – see links to those classes below.  I also run special sessions for corporate or networking events. (Read a review).

In November 2016, I’m leading a Directing with a Difference weekend for Training wheels Improv.

With Jennifer O’Sullivan:

If you’ve got an acting background or existing improv background, Jen runs a monthly-ish drop-in workshops called The Good Ship Improv.  Also follow this link to check out the improv shows and festivals Jennifer runs…

With the Wellington Improvisation Troupe:

WIT teach Keith Johnstone style community focused classes for adults and run Tuesday training for more experienced improvisers.

With Playshop:

If you’re in the Wellington theatre scene and have improv or performance experience, keep your eyes and ears open for Playshop auditions.