Three Ways to Tackle Stage Fright

Fear. Stage Fright. Anxiety. Butterflies.  For some of us they’re not an issue but for many of us they never truly go away.

I’ve learned to ‘breathe through’ my stomach flipflops for stage work but what about life? Business? Presentations? Those networking events where you have to find a way to talk to people who have multiple letters after their name on their business cards?

Seems I’m still learning!

I was nervous as all hell for it but Corrina Gordon-Barnes, fellow improviser and self-employment champion from You Inspire Me, interviewed me on how an improviser tackles fear. So I tackled it!

That anxiety about LOOKING GOOD on camera.   About saying something that makes me look FOOLISH.  About getting it WRONG. About having the RIGHT TO SPEAK UP. About how PEOPLE WILL REACT.  Those are some of things going on in my head that hold me back from BEING BOLD. What about you?

And here it is: Clare Kerrison on three ways to minimise fear as interviewed by Corrina Gordon-Barnes!

Joy! Clare

P.S. Summer hols are nearly over <boos> but the good news is that the Improv calendar is about to wind back up again <yays>. Classes are filling fast  and Cambridge Improv Factory’s first show is already on wegottickets (book in advance!).

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Being Supernatural (aka improvising)
Why confessing to your crush is just like improv
Why do improv shows have directors?

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joy!  Clare


Which improv class should I take?

The first improv class of Autumn starts soon, and there are a lot of keen folks out there asking me  this question – Which Improv Class Should I Take?

Well you’re in luck –  I made a handy improv classes page listing them all.  If you haven’t done improv before or not since, like, forever, you’ll want the Improv for Beginners class to cover all the basics.  This class starts on 1 October.

For really experienced folks the decision is just as easy –  the first Tuesday Troupe session on 4 September is open to anyone who has graduated (at any time) from Improv for Improvers.   The class will be a welcome improv refresher as well as beginning a deeper look at what makes an open scene tick.  And it’s got a special drop-in rate of only £5 for the first session!

Somewhere in between? Didn’t answer your question? Contact me to find out where you fit in 🙂