What are we going to do about improv in Cambridge?

You’re invited to an Open Space Meetup

2.30pm – 5.30pm, Saturday 9 November
Upstairs, CB2 Bistro, Norfolk Street, Cambridge, CB1 2LD

An invitation from Clare Kerrison: co-founder Cambridge Improv Factory, Improv Tutor for WRiTEON.

Are you an improviser?  Do you play or use improv (impro) in your art or work?
And do you live in or near Cambridge?
Is the improvisation scene here big enough for you?  Do we even have a scene?
What kind of improv do you want to do?
Does the ‘town’ and ‘gown’ divide bother you?
How can we use improv to make money? Get famous? Save the world?
Should Cambridge have its own festival?

What do YOU want to talk about / change / make happen?

When I arrived in Cambridge from NZ four years ago I couldn’t find the improv.  It appeared that the last leader had left town and improv had collapsed.  Slowly I uncovered pockets of activity: at WRiTEON, at the university, devised theatre…

Fast forward to today and the university improv has a cool new name, more than 90 people have graduated from WRiTEON improv classes, some teachers come up from London, people are travelling outside Cambridge to get more experience and learn different improv styles, some are using improv in the workplace. This is great!

And some people still arrive in Cambridge looking for what we do, under whatever name we use, and struggle to find us.  So, what does a Cambridge improv scene mean to you?  And how do you want it to evolve?

I look forward to seeing you there!

joy! Clare

An Open Space Meetup, facilitated by Johnnie Moore.

The Meetup  is free to attend. It runs using Open Space which gives anyone the chance to propose a starting point for discussion, then take part in one of these conversations, flit between them all, or head to the bar.