What people say

Improv Classes

Clare’s favourite word is joy – and that’s exactly what you get with her classes. – James

Your boundless enthusiasm and motivational instruction have even inspired me to have a go at scripted drama… – Sue

I had the time of my life, I made new friends, and I’m no longer scared of performing in front of a crowd!’ – Christelle

I have a terrible fear of speaking in public so I decided to do the course quickly because I knew I would talk myself out of doing it if I didn’t. I was so scared on the first day but within a few minutes I was laughing and defeating one of my greatest fears – I was taking turns to be the focus of the group but I was collaborating and laughing and forgetting all about my fears. Gradually I realised that I was not only enjoying myself, I was enjoying being myself. The course literally helped me rediscover myself and freed me up from a creative block. – Darren

Professional, inspiring, fun and informative.  A lot of what was covered offered good life skills – saying “yes” and the belief in and acceptance of yourself and those around you, finding the joy, being present.  – Helen

Clare Kerrison creates a safe place for you to do dangerous things in. – Mary

Corporate Networking and Conferences

A special thank you to Clare for her ability to teach us these valuable lessons with enthusiasm and humor. – CambridgeAWISE (read full review)

All we heard from our guests on the second day were conversations reliving some of the best gags from the night before. – Chevrolet UK